Hidden in plain sight is this phrase scattered throughout the New Testament, “the foundation of the world” (examples: Matthew 25:34; Luke 11:50; Matthew 13:35; Revelation 13:8; Hebrews 4:3; John 17:24). The New Testament authors note that God has created the world with purpose and then intentionally has worked for our salvation in Christ. The phrase, “the foundation of the world” indicates that God has a strategy for redemption of God’s creation. We benefit by living in this season after the death and resurrection of Jesus to celebrate the strategy God has for us.

I listened to a popular and dynamic pastor/leader comment in a meeting of pastors and church leaders, “Why can’t we ever talk about strategy? Are we afraid of the word?” In further clarifying conversations with the young pastor, I think he was expressing frustration at seeing the culture change rapidly yet the church was still using the same approach as fifty years ago. He yearned for an approach that considered the changes in his culture.

On January 16, Open Hands will be sponsoring “A Day Away” at the Waugh Wilson House next to Silver Spring Presbyterian Church to prayerfully consider “Strategies- Attentiveness to the Holy in 2020.” I invite you to gather for a day of prayer, worship, reflection, fellowship and listening to what God may be saying to us in 2020.

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