As you get older you recognize the world can be darker than you realized, but that the Light is always piercing through if you keep looking for it – glimmers of hope falling across the landscape of our days. Author Ann Voskamp says, “I’ll never stop wanting to see more of your brave becoming.” And that’s it. That’s how our Heavenly Father sees us – carrying loads of gratitude for what is, with a heaping of anticipatory hope for what will be.

God sees us, all stumbling and desperate – anxious and pushing through. He sees us masked up and posting on social media pretending we’re not a mess. And yet, He keeps calling us back to our truest selves, His Spirit in us. Reminding us that it’s in Him that we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28). He keeps calling us back to Himself, cheering us on, our ultimate prayer warrior. Anticipating our brave becoming.

We’re not going to have it all figured out, for others or us. Life is about finding the courage to keep showing up. Soaking in the wins. Grieving the losses. Fighting for each other. Always leveraging influence for the least and the lonely. Relentlessly calling out the good. Carrying ourselves with joy and grace and hope, like there will always be more to come. Because the best is yet to come…So as you embrace each day, look for the ways the Light is piercing through. If you find yourself in an especially dark season, ask God to show you the ways the Light is piercing through – because sometimes we struggle to see it – and He is always willing to be our Light and be Light piercing through.